Return Tahoe Keys ID Cards to proper location
Turn heaters off (down to 1.5 during Winter months)
Vacuum carpet
Close blinds and shut/lock windows and sliders
Remove pool table balls from the table surface
Dust furniture and wipe down tables and couches
Turn off Lights, TV, VCR and Stereo
Empty ashes from woodstove (Winter months)
Delete answering machine messages
Leave any “needed notes” in owner’s binder

Turn off oven (push cancel button) and clean oven range top
Clean countertops and table tops
Empty dishwasher and garbage can
Mop kitchen floor
Wipe down refrigerator and remove any food

Windex mirrors
Clean toilet seat, bowl, shower and vanity top
Empty garbage cans
Turn off lights and heaters
Mop floors

Downstairs Bedrooms/Hallway:
Vacuum carpet and mop entrance floor
Clean and replace all linens and towels in bedrooms they originated from
Turn off lights
Turn wall heaters off (Down to 2 during Winter months)
Turn on faucets – after turning off main water supply (Winter months)

Sweep interior
Empty garbage cans
Turn on hot water heater timer
Empty washing machine and dryer
Turn off lights

Turn off lights
Turn off main water supply (winter months)
Hose off decks and docks if needed
Cover BBQ (Bring BBQ inside during Winter months)
Lock paddle boat to dock and bring in chairs, tables, and umbrella